Sellers flock to research nearby property prices

5th May 2020

Sellers flock to research nearby property prices

If you’ve been wondering how much the property down the road sold for, you’re not alone.

Savvy home-hunters and owners around the UK have been dialling up their property research in recent weeks, suggesting that many are getting ready to put their property on the market once

lockdown has been eased.

In fact, our recent ‘Is the property market in lockdown?’ webinar’s audience poll confirmed that lockdown has done little to change the plans of those looking to move, other than to result in a revised timeframe, with 94% saying that they were planning to go ahead with their move as planned now or after lockdown.

If you’ve not used our sold prices search before, here’s everything you need to know to help you get your research off to a flying start.

What are sold prices and why are they useful?

Sold prices are the amount a property finally sold for, at the point of completion, and come from the Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland.

They will factor in any price reductions or negotiations that were made between a buyer and seller and serve as an incredibly useful gauge of how your local market is performing and how much similar properties to your own have been selling for.

How should I use sold prices?

Sold price search is available on the Rightmove website and it’s a great place to start your property research.


SOURCE: Rightmove